Mechanical Drives

Mining Drives

ACS has engineered and manufactured belt drives (rock crusher jackshafts) for the mining industry for over 20 years. We have well over 100 units in the field domestically and around the world, including South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.  Most often these drives operate crushers for mineral processing but have also been used for pumping systems.  We provide drives for applications that range up to 1500 Horsepower and can provide even larger.  We provide drive units with or without the motor and, if necessary, design custom gearing for the application.


Let us help you with machinery sizing, power demand calculations, and electric drive integration.

Mining Drives
Industrial Drive Application

Industrial Drive Applications

ACS designs and builds industrial drives and belt tensioner devices for applications across multiple industries.  We work with the client to understand the desired operation of the machinery and develop the proper drive style and size to increase efficiency and decrease downtime.

Belt Tensioners

ACS is well versed in designing custom belt tensioning units for existing belt driven equipment, which increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.  Using an ACS belt tensioner, the efficiency of your belt driven machine increases due to the larger angle of wrap on the drive pulley.  By ensuring consistently proper tension, belt wear is reduced and the pulley bearings see lower average loads.

Additionally, a properly designed idler reduces belt replacement time by eliminating the need to move your drive pulley and realign afterward.  Our idlers have optional indicators to identify if a belt is loosening or needs to be replaced, which reduces unexpected belt failure.

Belt Tensioner