Appleton Control Systems

Appleton Control Systems was founded to support the control needs of the paper machine industry. Over time, we have grown to support multiple industries with controls and mechanical drives. Today, we provide engineered products for manufacturing facilities across various industries, mines, paper machines, and marine shipboard equipment.

Appleton Control Systems

What We Do

Appleton Control Systems engineers and produces application oriented electrical controls, mechanical drive systems, and marine equipment. Our system engineering focus ensures that our designs and equipment are built to help the customer meet or exceed their operational targets. The controls (whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or a combination thereof) are engineered to suit the needs of the customer for increased uptime and decreased maintenance. We coordinate with our customer to understand their goals in the following key areas:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Acquisition cost
  • Uptime of machinery
  • On-going maintenance
  • On-site support for installation and beyond

Our mission is to provide you high quality controls and equipment that builds a foundation for success. If you have a system of machinery or equipment that needs better control to increase your profit, then contact us and we will work to deliver it.

Electrical Control Callout

Electrical Controls Systems

• Machinery Control
• Motor starter and VFD’s
• Heater and Fan Operation
• Pneumatic and Hydrualic Valve Operation
• PLC software design

Mechanical Drives

Mechanical Drives

• Mining Equipment Drives
• Rock Crusher Jackshafts
• Stand Alone Belt Tensioners
• Blower Belt Tensioners
• Pump Belt Tensioners

Marine Callout Control System


• HVAC Controls
• Winch and Crane Controls
• Motor Drives and Starters
• MIL-DTL-901 and MIL-STD-167-1 Controls