Industrial Drive Applications

3-250 HP Auto-Tensioned Industrial Drives


  1. High inertia applications, starting under load, or frequent starts, where the drive behaves well and eliminates the need for a soft-start. Drive cannot squeal, does not throw belts.
  2. Continuous indication of drive status during operation. Eliminates surprises in long-running process applications where belt growth can shut down a slide-base drive and the process itself.
  3. Adjust tension during operation, and change belts without moving motor.
  4. When a drive spends considerable time in standby mode, where the low static shaft loads relieve all drive components and eliminate the risk of brinelling bearings.
  5. Wherever downtime is unacceptable.
  6. When having to move and re-align the motor is unduly awkward or difficult.
  7. When serious drive noises are unacceptable in the workplace.