Training & Grooming

ACS Marine Division offers training on B Class 225 WLB’s

  • General System Design
  • Electrical Schematic Review
  • Operation review from Crane Cab, Buoy Cab and Radio Remote
  • Maintenance screens and review signal calibrations
  • Alarms and fault indicators
  • We cover basic troubleshooting while recreating actual real world faults


  • Verify E Stop Circuit, Buoy Booth Chair DH+/DB-9 Link
  • Discuss PLC I/O Module Replacement
  • Replace PLC Battery as needed
  • Calibrate signals as required
  • Reload PLC EEPROM with current program & values
  • Discuss saltwater intrusion, Rox-Tec bulkhead fittings
  • Inspect Anti Two Block Switches, Boom End Enclosure
  • Inspect Cross Deck Winch Enclosures