About Us


Appleton Control Systems was founded in 1997 to address machine control needs in the paper industry. Shortly thereafter, we began developing controls for cranes and winches for the offshore oil industry, then shipboard cranes for US Coast Guard cutters. This work has evolved into a close support relationship with the Coast Guard. In 2000, a major motor manufacturer asked us to develop and build jackshafts for large belt-driven rock crushers. The resulting design, drawing on four decades of experience within the organization, proved successful in addressing various problems with these demanding applications. This work has evolved into our jackshaft and industrial drive product lines.
ACS Marine Division has directly supported US Coast Guard Electrical and Engineering personnel in the maintenance of deck equipment on the WLB B-class cutters since the first sailing of #206 Spar in 2000. Our focus is on eliminating chronic maintenance issues, upgrading equipment when necessary, and educating new crew members on these systems. Our equipment is by intention top quality.